Evan Newman is a creative, designer, filmmaker & composer based in Calgary.
Design & Digital Media Production
Evan brings 10+ years of design experience in advertising, branding, UX/UI, and content creation for web, print, and social media. Skilled in developing concepts, delivering exceptional design solutions, and collaborating with clients to shape visual identity, experience, and brand essence.
Evan has worked with cross-functional teams on formulating strategy and creating digital assets for over 30+ Canada-wide marketing campaigns, including graphic materials and UX/UI solutions for brands like Ultramar, Hitachi Solutions, CEDA, LBG Canada, and more.
Film Production
As co-founder of film production team Lime Green, Evan works closely with his two partners on concept development, creative direction, and photography to tell brand stories through motion picture. Lime Green has produced video content for brands like APEGACold Garden, and Tommy Gun's Barbershop. In addition to commercial projects, Lime Green’s short film content has amassed over 1M views online, and have been featured in Shorted, Retrospective of Jupiter, and FilmShortage.com.
Music Composition
Evan also composes music for film and commercial projects. He makes up half of dream-pop duo Hotel Josephine, featured on Alberta radio stations CKUA & CJSW.
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