Original Music & Scores

Image Comics | Indigo Children Theme

Overture for Indigo Children by Curt Pires & Rockwell White. Available March 29, 2023 on Image Comics.

Cold Garden | "Everyone and Their Dog"

Production House: Joe Media Group | Agency/Directed by: Lime Green

Original music by Evan Newman. 

Short Film | Clearwater Vol. II Suite

Original music for Clearwater Vol. II by Evan Newman.

Hotel Josephine - Half Heartedly Gold

Original music by Evan Newman & Emma Rossouw. 

This page is a resource for music supervisors and filmmakers. Please contact me to discuss licensing details.

"Challenge" (Orchestral, Strings)

"Road Trip" (Acoustic, Rock)

"Bounce" (Electronic, Funk)

"Police Investigation" (Electronic)

"All The Time" (Vintage, Rock)

"Goodbye" (Electronic, Rock)

"Call Me Bill"  (Trailer, Thriller)

"The Case" (Ambient, Horror)

"Hangman" (Vintage, Groovy)

"Papaya" (Vintage, Groovy)

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