Creative Direction & Copywriting

Cold Garden | "Everyone and Their Dog"

Creative Direction & Copy: Evan Newman & Rockwell White | Production: Joe Media Group | 

Directed by Lime Green | Music: Evan Newman

2023 AMPIA Rosie Award Nomination - Best Television Commercial Under $20K 

Having the opportunity to conceptualize an ad for one of my favourite spots in Calgary, I developed the creative to highlight Cold Garden's dog-friendly location in a fast-paced and humorous way - hinting at a four-legged presence always just out of frame. The tagline nearly wrote itself when we realized this spot was going to feature “everyone and their dog”.

Hifi Cabinet Co. | "Move The Records That Move You" 

Creative Direction & Copy: Evan Newman | Production: Joe Media Group | 

Directed by Lime Green | Music: Evan Newman

Conceptualized, storyboarded, and wrote copy to showcase Hifi Cabinet Co's mobile storage solution for Vinyl lovers of all backgrounds.

Advertising Club of Edmonton | "Secret War"

Agency: FKA | Production: Joe Media Group | 

Directed by Lime Green | Storyboards/Pre-Vis: Evan Newman

2023 AMPIA Rosie Award Finalists - Best Promotional Production, Best Director, Best Editor

In this promotional campaign for Advertising Club of Edmonton, we had the opportunity to bring FKA's concept to life - the exclusive ACE Awards are so prestigious, agencies from across Canada are bending the rules just to get a piece of the action. I developed the storyboards/pre-visualization to match pacing with the shooting script, ensuring each humorous beat landed with maximum impact. 

This campaign has been featured in Ads of the World, Strategy Online, and The Message.

New Level Brewing | Krampus Christmas Ale

Creative Direction: Evan Newman, Patryk Terelak, Rockwell White | Production/Directed by Lime Green

New Level Brewing’s Krampus Christmas Ale beast was brought to life in this short for social media. Utilizing makeshift yet creative production design, what could have been a run-of-the-mill product video was transformed into something more humorous & engaging.

Coco Vodka | Spec YouTube Bumper

Creative Direction & Set Design: Evan Newman & Patryk Terelak

A spec YouTube bumper ad for Coco Vodka, employing a dynamic edit and breezy set design. 

Hitachi Solutions | Dynamics AX Testimonial Campaign

Direction: Evan Newman

Hitachi Solutions commissioned a series of client testimonial videos, for which I assumed the role of director. Leading creative direction and developing the format, I curated a collection of client testimonials along with on-site footage. Working in close collaboration with the interviewees, I guided and refined their responses to ensure concise and authentic insights into their experience with the product and its seamless integration. Additionally, I undertook the responsibilities of shooting, editing, and providing motion graphics for this series.

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